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Into the Thicket


Into the Thicket

A new story for kids who dream and adults who remember.

Into the Thicket Cover

Deep in the woods there was a kingdom…

As the storm continued to rage, battering the car with streams of unrelenting rain, the headlights forged a path down an all but forgotten road. They were headed deep into the forest, far from the house by the sea.
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Maggie Willoughbey lives in the town of Seaspell

on a little island in the Pacific Ocean with her brother Charlie and their parents. She is tutored by the mysterious Miss Langston who tells her fantastical stories about a magical land. And like many children, Maggie is content to imagine and read and explore Seaspell.

But one day, everything begins to crumble. On the very same day that Maggie’s parents inform her that they are moving to the city, Charlie disappears without a trace! Miss Langston, ever a well of knowledge and mystery, gifts Maggie with a very old book full of maps, spells, and mythical creatures. Then she leaves the girl with mysterious parting words: “You were meant to remember.”

Now Maggie must dive into the woods behind her back yard and the secret Kingdom of Thicket to find her brother, save her home, and unravel the magical mystery of Seaspell - and the origins of her family.

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Meet Maggie and Charlie

Maggie and Charlie Willoughbey embark on an unlikely adventure together in Into the Thicket. While they haven’t always gotten along, Maggie and Charlie defend each other when it counts. Now, Maggie might be the only one who can save her brother.

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The Old Apothecary

The apothecary sits in a small clearing in the forest, just past the bridge that divides The Kingdom of Thicket from its non-magical counterpart, Seaspell. Little is known about the ramshackle building - though some claim that it once held the most powerful medicines in all the world.

Whatever its purpose might have been, everything changed the day that magic winked out. Whoever or whatever had lived there seems to be gone. And yet, every now and then, light can be seen in the windows.

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The Spectacles

When Maggie and Charlie stumble upon golden spectacles in their basement accompanied with a strange note, they assume the objects have been left for them by their grandfather. But the real mystery is the world that can be seen through the lenses. It’s almost as if they are able to see…magic.

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